May 29, 2009

Testing LiveConnect object functionality

The following applet has nothing to do with chess or chess publishing. It is here to verify how well Java is supported on your platform by testing some important functionality of your JRE installation, namely the LiveConnect object. Most of this was available way back in Java 1.1 (about 12 years ago) and has been an essential part of the JRE ever since. The test is an extended version of Sun's own LiveConnect test.

Using APPLET Tags:

Using OBJECT Tags: (just in case - there shouldn’t be any differences compared to the one above)

The test requires Java 1.4.2 or higher, which your browser does not appear to have.

Get the latest Java Plug-in.

The picture below shows the output as it should appear when the JRE installation provides an adequate support according to the specification. If your results differ you should seek platform specific support which might be available from the JRE developers for your platform.