January 17, 2010

Corus Chess 2010

The original live broadcast can be found here.


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Nikolai Pilafov said...

As of current the official viewer http://www.coruschess.com/livegames.php doesn’t show ANY games. Apparently the live PGN data has issues and isn’t quite correct. I feel that not giving any warnings and not showing any games is too drastic. Using the same live PGN data you can see (in CVD viewer above) a meaningful error message and you can still play back the games (except the very last one). To dismiss the error you need to click on the “next move” and then select a game. The sad fact is that the situation was very similar in the middle of the round while games were in progress.

We all know that errors in live PGN data are inevitable and will occasionally happen but a user-friendly chess viewer should at least make an effort to notify the user.